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Enhancing Fertility with TCM
Unexplained Infertility
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                    "You must have to properly prepare
             your seeds and soil before you plant the seeds."

According to the theories of Chinese medicine, Unexplained Infertility follows patterns of imbalance associated with
Qi (vital energy), certain organs and energetic qualities of the body. While it might not be severe enough to reveal
itself in many laboratory diagnostic evaluations, the imbalance is enough to prevent the miracle of pregnancy from

Unexplained infertility responds extremely well to Chinese medicine because Chinese medical therapies treat
energetic imbalances in the body. In our clinic, we found following patterns are quite common:

  • Liver Qi Constraints
  • Disharmony of Chong and Ren channels that involve with human reproduction
  • Qi Deficiency (especially reproduction organs energies low)
  • Cold, Damp toxin around/in reproduction organs
  • Kidney Yang Deficiency ( kidney energy support human reproduction organs)  
  • Kidney Yin Deficiency
  • Spleen Deficiency

Clinically, we see patients with three or more of a combination of patterns. Thus a comprehensive consultation and
assessment is a must in order to find what your individual under pattern(s) is(are) and then decide what acu-points
to select, techniques and manipulating methods to apply and what herbs to mix up to create a effective and efficient
customized treatment strategy.

By addressing the pattern of underlying imbalance according to the TCM diagnosis, numerous feminine issues such
irregular and painful periods, PMS, often improved dramatically. Reductions in symptoms are often accompanied
by noticeable changes in the quality of the period itself, quantifiable changes in hormonal levels, and improvements
in the quantity and quality of viable eggs. Significantly reduced levels of anxiety and stress and enhanced feelings
of overall well being are often reported as other benefits.

Together, acupuncture and herbal remedies provide a treatment option for patients diagnosed with
unexplained Infertility.