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Recurrent Miscarriage
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Recurrent miscarriage, habitual abortion, or recurrent pregnancy loss  is the occurrence of three or more
consecutive pregnancy loss. It is heartbreaking to experience repeated pregnancy loss.

Fortunately, we can help prevent you from miscarriage and support you in carrying a baby to term with
Chinese Medicine ( including acupuncture and Chinese herbal remedies) that is one of the strong points of
traditional Chinese medicine.

In Chinese medicine. Aging leads to a decline of reproductive function, a deline in their quality of sperm and
egg cells thus less likely to mature into a healthy embryo. Thus the rate of infertility and miscarriage

Increasing the health of both parents before conception will ensure that the sperm, egg and the foetus'
environment is optimised so that the best possible conditions are created for a healthy pregnancy. Thus
preventative treatment for the gametes (sperm and egg) is important to lower the chances of abnormalities
by Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture so that a more energetic egg is released and more energetic
sperms are produced.

Studies now support practitioner's experience that Chinese medicine can play a significant role in the
prevention of recurrent miscarriages. Women whose recurrent miscarriages are immune-related benefit from
Chinese herbal medicine prior to their next pregnancy, a research from Japan shows. A study from Shanghai
indicates that in a large percentage of women with a history of recurrent miscarriage who again show signs of
a threatened abortion, the pregnancy can be saved with right treatment.

The power of Chinese medicine is in a personalized treatment. A comprehensive consultation and
assessment is needed to find out what your under pattern condition is and what acu-points to select and
what herbs to use to make a customized treatment plan which will works more effectively and quickly.

You are always best served in our clinic.  Our chief practitioners have more than 30 years clinical experience
to help hundreds of recurrent miscarriage women in carrying a baby to term with acupuncture and Chinese
herbal medicine. They can help you the most with their high capability to offer you a right diagnosis and
differentiate one type from another.