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TCM Dietary Therapy                        中医食疗
Based on the Traditions of Chinese Medicine (TCM)

The Natures of Common Foods
K-Kidney, L-Lung, Liv-Liver, LI-Large Intestine, SI-Small Intestine, GB-Gallbladder, Sp-Spleen, ST-Stomach, H-Heart,


Food                                 Flavours                        Natures                             Route                                                
Amaranth                          sweet, bitter                cool                                      Lung                                                
Barley                               sweet, salty                 cool                             Spleen, Stomach                                        
Buckwheat                        sweet                          cool                         Large Intestine, Spleen, Stomach
Corn                                 sweet                        neutral                       Kidney, Large Intestine, Stomach                
Flax                                  sweet                        neutral                            Large Intestine, Spleen
Millet                                 sweet, salty                cool                          Kidney, Spleen., Stomach.                                
Oats                                  sweet                        warm                                Kidney,  Spleen.                                        
Quinoa                             sweet, sour                warm                           Kidney, Pericardium                                        
Rice                                  sweet                                                                            
Rye                                   bitter                        neutral                        GB,  Liver, Spleen                                               
Sweet Rice                       sweet                        warm                                     Spleen                                                
Wheat                              sweet                        cool                            Heart, Kidney, Spleen                                
Wheat Bran                     sweet                        cool                                   Large intestine                                        
Wheat Germ                   pungent                      cold                                 Heart, Small intestine                                        
Wild Rice                        sweet, sour                 cool                                       Kidney, Bladder


Alfalfa Sprout                  salty, bitter                neutral                    Kidney (K), Large Intestine                                        
Artichoke                        sweet, salty, bitter        cool                          GB., Liver                               
Asparagus                      sweet, bitter                cold                           K, Lung                                
Aubergine(eggplant)        sweet                         cool                       LI, Liv, Spleen, St. Uterus                        
Bamboo Shoot                 sweet                         cold                       LI, Lung, St                                
Beetroot                          sweet                        neutral                     Heart, Liver                               
Black Fungus                  sweet                        neutral                    LI, Stomach                                
Broccoli                          pungent, bitter                cool
Cabbage                        sweet, pungent                neutral                LI, Stomach                     
Caper                             pungent, bitter                warm                                                        
Carrot                             sweet                        neutral                     Liv, Lung, Spleen                
Cauliflower                                        cool                                         LI, Spleen, SI                                
Celery                            sweet, bitter                 cool                        Liv, Stomach                          
Chinese Cabbage          sweet                        neutral                         LI, St                                                                  
Cucumber                      sweet                        cool                           LI, Spleen, St                             
Leek                              sweet, pungent          warm                         Liv                                        
Lettuce                          sweet, bitter                cool                          LI, St                                        
Mushroom                     sweet                          cool                          LI, L, SI, St                               
Onion                            pungent                     warm                         Lung                                        
Pepper                          pungent                     warm                         Stomach                                
Potato                           sweet                         neutral                       Kidney, Spleen, Stomach                           
Pumpkin                        sweet                        neutral                        Lung, Spleen                               
Radish                        sweet, pungent              cool                          Lung, St                                
Spinach                       sweet                            cool                          LI, St                                      
Spring Onion                pungent                      warm                         Lung, St                                
Sweet Potato                sweet                          warm                         Kidney, Spleen                           
Tomato                         sweet                        cold                            Liver, Stomach    

Apple                           sweet, sour                cool                           Heart, Lung, St.                        
Apricot                         sweet, sour                neutral                       Lung                                      
Banana                        sweet                        cold                            LI, Lung                                
Blackberry                   sweet, sour                warm                          Liv, K        
Cherry                         sweet                        warm                           Heart, Spleen, St                       
Coconut                      sweet                        neutral                                                       
Date                            sweet                        warm                           Liv, Lung, Spleen                        
Grape                          sweet, sour                neutral                       K, Liv, Lung, Spleen                       
Grapefruit                    sweet, sour                cold                                                                
Lemon                         sour                           cold                           GB, K, LI, Liv, Spleen          
Mango                         sweet, sour                cold                           St                                        
Melon                          sweet                         cold                            Heart                
Orange                       sweet, sour                cool                             Liv                                        
Peach                         swee, sour                 warm                           LI, SI, St                                                
Pear                            sweet, sour                cool                            Lung, St                               
Pineapple                   sweet, sour                neutral                                                                        
Plum                           sweet, sour                neutral                        Liv                                            
Raspberry                  sweet, sour                neutral                        Liv,k                                        
Strawberry                  sweet, sour                cool                            K, Liv, Lung, Spleen
Water Melon                sweet                        cold                            Bladder, Heart, St      


Beef                           sweet                        neutral                         LI, Spleen, St                                
Chicken                      sweet                        warm                           Spleen, St                                
Duck                          sweet                        neutral                         K, Lung                                
Goose                        sweet                        neutral                         Lung, Spleen                       
Ham                           Salty                         warm                            Spleen                                  
Lamb                         sweet                        hot                               K, Spleen                              
Pork                          sweet, salty                neutral                        K, Spleen, St                                
Rabbit                        sweet                        cool                             LI, Liv                                   
Turkey                        sweet                        warm                          Spleen, St


Abalone                     sweet, salty                neutral                                                        
Anchovy                    sweet                        warm                                                        
Carp                         sweet                        neutral                          K, Spleen                                                
Crab                            salty                            cold                         Liv, St                                        
Cuttlefish                   salty                            Neutral                      H, K, Liv                                
Lobster                    sweet, salty                 warm                           K                                                       
Oyster                        sweet, salty                neutral                       K, Liv                                         
Shrimp/prawn             sweet                        warm                           K, Liv                                        
Trout                          sour                        hot                                St.                                        
Whitefish                   sweet                        neutral                         Liv, L, Spleen, St.


Butter                        warm                           sweet                                                                       
Cheese                     neutral                        sweet, sour                L                                        
Egg (chicken)            neutral                        sweet                         H, K, L, St                          
Milk (cow)                neutral                          sweet                         H, L, St                               
Yoghurt                   cold                              sweet, sour


Black bean                warm                           sweet                         K                                        
Kidney bean              neutral                        Sweet                         K                                        
Pea                           neutral                        sweet                         Spleen, St                           
Soybean (black)        neutral                        sweet                         K, Spleen                            
Soybean (yellow)        cool                           sweet                         LI, Spleen                            
Tofu                            cool                           sweet                         LI, Spleen, St                       

Nuts and Seeds

Chestnut                    warm                        sweet                           K, Spleen, St                                
Peanut                       neutral                     sweet                           L, Spleen                                
Pumpkin seed            neutral                     sweet, bitter                 LI, Spleen                                
Almond                      neutral                      sweet                           L
Sunflower seed        neutral                        sweet                          Spleen
Walnut                        warm                        sweet                          K, L                                        

Herbs and Spices

Chili                            hot                           pungent                       H, Spleen                                
Cinnamon bark           hot                        pungent, bitter                K, L, Spleen                               
Cinnamon twig            warm                     sweet, pungent               B, H, L                                        
Garlic                          hot                        sweet, pungent               H, Liv, L, Spleen                        
Ginger (dry)                hot                        pungent                          L, Spleen, St                                
Ginger (fresh)             warm                        pungent                       L, Spleen, St                             
Licorice                      neutral                        sweet                         all                                        
Mint                            cool                        sweet                              L
Mustard                      hot                        pungent                           L                                                        
Black pepper              hot                        pungent,Sweet                 K, H, LI, St                                          
White pepper              hot                        pungent, bitter                 LI, SI, St                                                
Danggui                     warm                        sweet, pungent              Spleen, Liv                                
Ginseng (American)        neutral                sweet, bitter                   K, L, Spleen, St                        
Ginseng (Chinese)          warm                  sweet                             L, Spleen                               
Ginseng (Korean)           hot                      sweet       

Oils and Condiments

Olive oil                    neutral                        sweet                             Sp, Liv                                        
Peanut oil                 neutral                        sweet                             LI, L, Sp
Sesame oil                neutral                        sweet                            St.                                        
Soya oil                    warm                           sweet, pungent              LI                                        
Brown sugar             warm                           sweet                             Liv, Sp                                        
White sugar              neutral                        sweet                
Honey                       neutral                        sweet                             LI, L, Sp                              
Salt                           cold                            salty                               K, Li, Si, St                                               
Soya sauce                cool                           salty                
Vinegar                warm                               sour, bitter                     Liv, St


Beer                         cool                          sweet, bitter                     H, Sp, St                                
Coffee                      warm                        sweet, bitter                     H                                
Tea                         neutral                       sweet, bitter                     H, L, St                                                
Wine                        warm                        sweet, pungent, bitter       H, Liv, L, St